Melbourne Fashion Photography

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Melbourne Fashion Photography

The Beginning of my Fashion Photography career

I am inspired by some wonderful fashion photographers such as Emily Soto, Lara Jade and Simon Upton. So I’ve decided to take the plunge into fashion and beauty photography and get into Melbourne Fashion Photography. These photographers are leading the way with fashion photography, and have been industry professionals for years!

It wasn’t a bad idea to take a close look at how they go about creating their sought-after works for many different fashion labels. Fashion has always been of interest to me, which helps a lot when I take on fashion shoots. Photographing fashion at the races for a few years raised my craving to shoot fashion in a more controlled environment, instead of the hectic and extremely crowded environment of the races!

Professional Studio Photography in Melbourne

Studio photography has never been of interest to me up until recently. Once I learnt how to make studio lighting look like natural light, my images from studio photo shoots gave me the look I was happy with. My little studio is equipped with the right gear to give me the natural look which I’m after.

Given a preference, it will always be an outdoors shoot as that is where I create my best work. Unfortunately, it isn’t always desirable to do an outdoors shoot for my client, so I’ve had to adapt and set up a studio space. My studio photography skills are now at a point where I am confident that I can create beautiful work in a studio setting, with a combination of natural light and professional flash light.

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Lifestyle Photography

With fashion photography, I aim to create inspiration with my client’s creations. It’s lifestyle photography which will draw attention to the fashion pieces we’re working with. The more interesting the presentation of the garment, the more impact it will have on the senses of those who look at it. The overall styling is so important for fashion photography, that’s why we need a team of professionals to assist us with it. When the whole look is put together well, it really shows in the final images.

Creative Melbourne Fashion Photography

My fine-art photography style means that I will be using a variety of different lenses and shoot at high apertures to achieve a unique look during a fashion photography shoot. Sometimes I will shoot with my Petzval art lenses which gives amazing radial blur to the photo. There is a smoke machine at our disposal and I’m alway open to working with smoke bombs! The look is for those who would like the finer, more upmarket or edgier image for their label.

Versatility in photography has meant that I can accommodate my client’s different needs and vision. Fashion photography is something I’m very passionate about and would like to experiment at times to come up with something unique. As a fashion photographer, I find that throwing some ideas to my clients about the best way to approach their campaign is very helpful. My ability to assist my clients with styling advice, how a model should move and the how the final images should look adds to a smooth and efficient  running of the project at hand.