Creating a lifestyle fashion photoshoot in Melbourne

Lifestyle Fashion Photography in Melbourne

Creating a lifestyle fashion photoshoot in Melbourne

So you have a fashion collection or fashion products which need to be photographed in a way which will appeal to your target market. Where do you begin? It’s not as easy as taking your products to a photographer and asking them to make images unless it’s product photography that you want! There are a few things for you to consider before a photoshoot to achieve your desired outcome. Here are some tips on how to get your fashion label or products photographed most appealingly.

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How to plan a lifestyle fashion shoot?

This list helps you a bit what you need to think of when planning a lifestyle or editorial fashion photoshoot. When you contact each of the team members make sure you give them as much detail as possible. Don’t just ask for a price. A lifestyle shoot can cost from low hundreds to thousands of dollars for bigger products. Let your team members know what you expect from them to do. As photographers we get a lot of requests not specifying any more information – most people forget that model selection and models, hair and makeup, styling, creative direction, locations & studios and props & styling all cost money too – so make sure you let your photographer know what you are after.

Here are the basic steps involved in planning a lifestyle fashion photoshoot:

Find A Concept

How do you want your products to come across to your audience? Who are you targeting? The concept you choose for your products must appeal to your target market. A great place to start is to have a good look at what your competition is doing. Check out their websites and social media pages. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to do things the same way, it’s just going to give you some ideas as to how best to market yours. Trawl through Pinterest as well for an abundance of inspiration. Once you find a concept you’re happy with, it’s time to create a moodboard!

Creating A Photography Moodboard

A moodboard is something which you’ll be able to share your concept ideas with your team through. Gather images which give off the vibe you want for your lifestyle photoshoot. This should include the type of styling, makeup, model poses and energy that you are after. A moodboard will let everyone involved in your lifestyle shoot know what you’re after and together can work towards creating your desired images. Look through magazines and Pinterest your moodboard images. If you plan on doing an outdoor lifestyle shoot, choose photos shot outdoors. If you are doing a studio shoot, choose studio-like photos for your moodboard. Same goes with if you want a brighter or darker mood for your images. Think about the styling for your lifestyle shoot. Put together images which compliment each other.

Setting Your Photography and Production Budget

Be realistic with how much you want to spend on getting your lifestyle photoshoot happening. Spend too little and you might find it hard to get good talents such as your models and photographer. Spend too much and you might be throwing money away. There are so many factors to consider when setting a budget for your project. Work within your means, even if it means starting off small and aiming for a larger scale production later down the line when your business takes off. Get some business advice from professionals if you’re able to. A professional will be able to walk you through costings, including the costings for your lifestyle shoot for your business.

Find Your Fashion Photographer

A good photographer is not cheap so don’t expect to pay peanuts! The photographer is going to make or break your lifestyle shoot. While there are some very affordable photographers out there, not all will be competent enough to produce the images you’re after. When you have found one who you like, make sure you have a good look through their portfolio to see if their style suits your needs. Are they a studio photographer, an outdoor photographer or can they do both? If they have a team of people working for them, make sure that team member suggested for you can indeed produce the work that is displayed in their portfolio. Find a photographer who shows an interest in what you’re wanting to create with your lifestyle shoot and not someone who just wants the job. A good photographer will be confident in their ability to achieve the images you are after.

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Find A Hair And Makeup Artist

You can opt for two different services or you can try and find one who will be able to do both. It all depends on the look that you’re after for your models. Good hair and makeup will give your lifestyle shoot a more professional overall look. Again, have a careful look at the portfolio of the hair and makeup artists which you are interested in hiring. Make sure that they have plenty of experience behind them and that they can create the looks that you are after. Professionalism and reliable are important factors to consider as well. Check their ratings and recommendations.

Find Your Models

The right models will make your products shine. There will be a specific look that you’re after so don’t settle for less. Do they have the right personalities for your lifestyle shoot? Are they versatile enough to adapt to your needs? Does their portfolio show that they are professional and reliable? Depending on what look you are after, you can end up paying a high amount for a highly professional model from an agency or a lower fee for a freelancer. The difference with hiring an agency represented model to a freelance model is that they are generally more experienced and reliable. Models signed up with an agency have regular training to be of a certain standard and have a contractual obligation to turn up to jobs. Choosing a freelance model will save you hundreds. You might find someone who suits your brand but hasn’t had a lot of experience. You will have to gauge if they will indeed turn up for the job as some models just don’t. Find someone with good recommendations as a no-show could turn out quite costly due to having all other service providers set to go on the day.

Styling Your Lifestyle Fashion Photo Shoot

Will you do the styling or will you enlist the help of a stylist for your lifestyle photoshoot? The right styling will make a difference to the look you are wanting. Do you have the styling knowledge to put together the right looks for your brand? Are you able to provide all wardrobe and accessories required for your photoshoot? Hiring a stylist will add costs to your photoshoot but they will be able to source items that are needed for the photo shoot. Stylists have the expertise to put together a well-put-together look, whether it’s a high-end look or a street-style look.

Lets Create!

There’s a lot that goes into organising a lifestyle photoshoot. With careful planning, it can run smoothly on the day. You might consider getting someone to help you if it’s a bigger production. For smaller productions which only involve one or two models, a hair and makeup artist and your photographer, you could easily pull it together yourself. As a lifestyle photographer, I have assisted my clients with the organisation of the photoshoots – from developing the concept through to choosing the right models. Get in touch with me to help you create some great images which will represent you and your brand.