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Fashion and Glamour Photography

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Fashion and glamour photography is my passion. Most of the time, I just turn up with my camera and shoot.It’s a great job but I have to work with what’s in front of me and my camera. Apart from directing the models on how to pose, there’s not much creative input from me. That’s why I  put together my own shoots, to get my creative fix. Shooting personal work is always a great addition to a photographers portfolio.

My favourite shoots are the ones I have total control over, from model selection through to styling. This shoot in particular was spurred on by this gorgeous Alex Perry gown which I fell in love with and just had to have! As a photographer, I like to have some beautiful fashion pieces which I can pull out to style my models with. It’s a great idea to have some pieces on hand with test shoots or glamour photo shoots, as I end up getting more of what I want out of the shoot. Personally, I’m after a high-end editorial look with my images. They’re a great addition to a model’s portfolio and a fabulous set of images for clients who want the glamorous look.

Get Inspired – Creative Photography

Inspiration doesn’t always come to me, but when it does I just have to jump on it and create. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for such shoots. That’s where I got inspired to create this amazing, yet very simple tulle headpiece. The dress, as stunning as it was, just wasn’t enough shot on it’s own. The headpiece gives it the ‘wow’ factor. Jewellery was kept minimal but glam. It’s essential to have a hair and makeup artist on hand to create a flawless editorial look for the model. 

Model Casting

Because the dress was small in sizing, I required my model to come in prior to the shoot date to make sure that it fit! It can get tricky when models turn up and the wardrobe just does not fit her, but you just have to push ahead because your team is there. One of my favourite photographers gave the great advice of meeting models prior to the shoot to ensure that they had the look you require. My chosen model is 18yr old Maggie McGuire who is the reigning Miss Teen Universe Australia. Maggie looked sensational in the gown and was a great model, giving me the look I was after. I think she’ll do well in the modelling industry. 

Simple Setup

The shoot was done in my little studio where movement and lighting could be controlled. I used one light with a 120cm octagonal soft box. The shadows were added in editing. If there was an abundance of natural light, I would have used it. Unfortunately it was overcast and I just used a light. I’m very happy with the results.

Hope this inspires all you photographers to pick up that camera and create! Styling is a very important part of every shoot. If you don’t have the right wardrobe pieces, borrow something! Let your imagination run wild and create something fancy for the shoot. 

Model: Maggie McGuire

Hair and Makeup: Jacqui Van Der Byl


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