Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

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Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

If you’re looking to do an outdoor fashion shoot in Melbourne, there’s so many options! There are plenty of Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne. It really all depends on what you’re shooting. There are modern locations for cutting-edge fashion and historical places for the more classic looks. There are gardens for all things pretty and plenty of beaches for just about any type of fashion shoot. Some areas require permits, but there are plenty of places which are free for all to use. Make sure you check with the council regarding the area you are wanting to shoot in.

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Modern Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

Webb Bridge

One of my favourite modern fashion photography locations has to be the Webb Bridge along Southbank. This structure is awesome and it happens that I know the architect! This is a fantastic fashion photography location which would suit some cutting-edge fashion. We’ve done one fashion shoot down there and are really keen to get back to do some more. What’s great about this location is that it’s right on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD. The Webb Bridge is an pretty cool backdrop but you can also utilise the city-scape as well.

Federation Square

Fed Square can get rather busy as it’s right across the road from Flinders Street Station. There are spots around this structure where you can get some space to yourself. I’d suggest either really early before everyone gets out and about, but the light won’t be on the right side of the building. Sunset light is always going to be best so you’ll just have to be patient and wait for people to pass through. Avoid weekends there and peak times such as lunch time and end of the work day!

Roof Top Locations

Access to these areas are always changing so refer to google maps for the best rooftop locations for your next fashion shoot. Rooftops (generally at the top level of a carpark) are good for nearly any type of fashion photography. You may want to request access to a rooftop bar during non-operational hours. With some carparks, you might be lucky and have the space all to yourself, so even lingerie or swimwear can be shot there. Some places are free to access, some may require permission.


The Docklands is another favourite spot for fashion photography. The buildings down there make a great backdrop. It also offers a different perspective of Melbourne’s CBD. There’s plenty of luxury boats moored there as well, which gives your photos an upper-class feel. Even on weekends, there’s enough space to conduct a fashion shoot without too much of a disturbance. It can get a little windy down there, which can be useful for adding movement to the garments you are photographing. Sunset is definitely the best time of day to be down at the docklands.

The AAMI Stadium

This structure is so cool! Shaped like large soccer balls, this monochrome location would suit a modern fashion shoot. It’s not too far from Melbourne’s CBD and when there’s no match on, it’s very quiet. Weekdays are a great time to head down there. You’ll get the best light on the Richmond side of it up to lunch time. The city side will get the best light in the afternoon.

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Historical Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

Collins Street – Paris End

The top end of Collins Street (also called the ‘Paris’ end) has some old architecture for a more vintage or romantic fashion shoot location. There’s the Old Treasury Building, the Windsor Hotel and the beautiful Parliament House. The top end of Collins Street is where you’ll find the big name designer stores.

Finders Street Station

This Melbourne icon has been used as a fashion shoot location many times. It’s always busy there so shoot at sunrise! You can also embrace the crowds in your shoot as well. Co-ordinate with the colour of the building. Frame in the trams which go past. If you want the world to know that you shot a fashion campaign in Melbourne, Flinders Street Station is the monument to use as the backdrop!

Carlton Exhibition Building

This impressive building sits just at the top end of the city. The Carlton Exhibition Building would be ideal for vintage fashion photography, or a fashion shoot which calls for some elegance and romance.There’s an impressive fountain in front of it or you could just use the white structures of the building itself. The interior of the Carlton Exhibition is a gorgeous indoor location for a fashion shoot.

Saint Kilda Pier

This historical building in Saint Kilda is a fabulous backdrop for your next fashion photography location. The best time to be there is either really early at sunrise or later towards the end of the day and at sunset. It’s a favourite for wedding couples so you’ll be fighting for space in the weekends. This is a busy spot for tourists as well as locals who are out and about, enjoying their weekend. Best to be there on a working day!

Princes Pier

This Port Melbourne location is not as impressive as the Saint Kilda Pier, but it is charming with the little building and the stumps which sit in the water. These stumps used to support the pier which extended out there. The Princes Pier is generally a quiet spot. The best time to be shooting out there is in the late afternoon until sunset.

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Urban Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is the most famous graffiti laneway in Melbourne’s CBD. The artwork is forever changing which keeps it interesting. This location is so popular that you will struggle to find space to carry out an urban fashion shoot there during peak times. Pick a work day and during office hours to give yourself a chance to create something without hoards of people. Don’t be scared of venturing down Rutledge Lane, the seedy-looking lane just off Hosier. Not a lot of people go down there so you’ll get some space to photograph in.

Centre Place

Centre Place is located right in the heart of Melbourne city. This place is super busy during the day but, if you’re not fussed about the on-lookers, you can get some great shots in there. There are some quiet times – just not at breakfast, lunch or dinner. At night, when everything is closed, it’s empty for those who want to do some night time fashion photography.


Northcote is a hip part of Melbourne which isn’t too far from the CBD. There’s a lot of street art to be found there. The area has a really vintage vibe so suits a grunge or vintage themed fashion shoot. The Northcote Town Hall has some different wall structures surrounding it which make great backdrops.

Garden Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens is just on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD. It’s very popular with wedding couples so it’s also great for a fashion shoot which calls for some greenery. There are gorgeous trees and flowers throughout the garden. The rotundas are great photography spots. My favourite spot is the Conservatory, which is spectacular when the flowers are in full bloom. Cook’s Cottage is an historic building which sits in the middle if you’re after a cottage look.

Royal Botanical Gardens

This internationally renowned location is worth paying the permit fee for. But what a wonderful fashion photography location in Melbourne. It’s an impressive garden where there’s a lot of space to conduct a fashion photo shoot. Great for any time of the year. There are magnificent trees, rotundas and a lake right in the middle of it. The Guilfoyle’s Volcano areas is very unique and would work well for a photo shoot.

Beaches – Fashion Photography Locations in Melbourne

Just a short drive away from Melbourne’s CBD you will find yourself at some gorgeous beaches. Take your pick from Port Melbourne Beach, Saint Kilda Beach, Brighton Beach, Black Rock Beach all the way down to Chelsea Beach. These Melbourne beaches are packed with sun lovers during summer so it’s going to be a fight for space at times. The further down the coast you go, the quieter it gets. The water is also much clearer outside of the city.

Brighton Beach offers some colourful beach boxes which are quite popular for photo shoots. Black Rock Beach (or Half Moon Bay) has a gorgeous rock area where you can climb onto and get a some great shots of the sunset from. Even in summer, you’ll find some quiet spots there. The water down at Chelsea Beach and just beyond is beautiful and clear. It’s never as congested as the city beaches and has some sand dunes and grass areas which gives a different beach look. Early in the year, there is a sea of yellow daisies which looks quite magical in a photo shoot.

These are just some of the spots around Melbourne which would be great for a fashion photo shoot location. Walk around and you’re sure to discover more. Always check with the council regarding permits which are required and enjoy your shoot!

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