A Guide to Planning Outdoor and Location Fashion Photo Shoots

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A Guide to Planning Outdoor and Location Fashion Photo Shoots

There’s so much to consider when you decide that you want to photograph your products outdoors or on location! Some of my clients as a Location Fashion Photographer have been very thoughtful towards it, and some have not. It’s been a learning experience for me as well and I’m going to share some tips with you which will make our day together a little more enjoyable.

Melbourne! Consider the Weather!

We are in Melbourne! And you know the Melbourne weather! Unless you can afford to travel to overseas destinations for your fashion shoots, we’re shooting summer campaigns in the winter and winter campaigns in the summer. This may pose a few issues when shooting outdoors. Personally, it’s worse shooting a summer campaign in the winter. Everyone is cold while we’re trying to produce images which look summery.

When considering a location, look for somewhere with facilities. There should be a space where the team, especially the models, can go to warm up in between changes of clothing. A toilet nearby is a must or inform all that there isn’t one for a few hours so they can prepare for it!

Summer Campaign Photography in Melbourne - Summer Fashion Shoot

Winter Fashion Photo Shoots

Make sure there is food and warm drinks available. A large thermos is a great idea for warm drinks where there is no kitchen facility. Simple foods like sandwiches, antipasto platters and fruit platters are easy for everyone to grab to keep up their energy levels.

Blankest, coats, towels and an umbrella are a must to help keep the models warm and dry. Unless it’s a torrential pour down, the show must go on! There’s so much planning which goes on to produce a fashion shoot so it’s best to go with the weather, even if there is a bit of rain on the radar. There have been times where my client has been close to postponing the shoot, only to have the day turn out lovely in the end.

A little marquee setup is a great idea if rain is threatening the day of your photo shoot at a remote location. It doesn’t take a lot to set up and will provide some shelter. Don’t forget the picnic chairs!

Make sure your hair and makeup team is available for the whole photo shoot to touch up the models and to make sure everything is the way it should be. When I’m shooting, I’d like all the help I can get. It does make my editing a lot harder and longer when I discover strands of hair over the face where they shouldn’t be, or the lipstick unintentionally smudged on the lips!

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Summer Fashion Photo Shoots

Ok, so it’s pretty much the opposite in preparation from the winter photo shoots! Cold drinks, especially lots of water, in a large esky (chilli bin, ice box) is definitely a must! Simple finger foods are good for the day, make sure they have sufficient cooling so they don’t go off too quickly. You don’t want your models or photographer to collapse due to the heat!

Again, a small marquee setup is great as well to provide shade. Large umbrellas will also help to provide shade from the sun in between shooting. Also bring sunscreen!

Make sure that there is a first aid kit on photo shoots, just in case there is an accident and you are in a remote area.