Lookbook – Lisa Alexander Milliner

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Lookbook – Lisa Alexander Milliner

Lisa had seen and loved my photography work which covered fashion at the races. When she approached me to photograph her millinery collection for the Spring Racing carnival, with Alex Hecker as her mode, I was very excited to take on the job! A creative fashion lookbook. Alex is just gorgeous, reminiscent of a young Audrey Hepburn, and was delightful to photograph. Lisa’s Japan-inspired designs are uniquely beautiful, which makes the whole fashion photography shoot an enjoyable experience.

Designer Collaboration

Lisa collaborated with some designers, choosing outfits which complimented her millinery. We used very feminine pieces from Alannah Hill and Lisa Baron. Hair and makeup was done by Alex’s lovely mother Cathy. She accompanies her often to photo shoots. Our location was the Abbottsford Convent in collingwood. It was chosen because of it’s beautiful exterior and it also offered some shelter in case there was rain. We worked in a private little courtyard where we were left in peace for most of the shoot. Luckily for us, the rain held off on that cold winter’s day.

Fashion campaign

Lisa and I have worked together again on another one of her collections. When everything goes right for a client’s fashion campaign, they will stick with the team which made it happen. Commercial photoshoots, even a small-scale one like this still requires a bit of planning to make it run smoothly. The styling, hair and makeup has to be spot on for the look that is required. In this case, Lisa asked for recommendations on locations which would suit her collection. Having been to the Abbotsford convent previously, I knew it was perfectly suited for her fashion shoot (permit required).

Commercial Photoshoot

When hired for a commercial shoot, I will assist in many aspects of the shoot. This normally includes location recommendations or scouting for one. Sometimes, due to my knowledge of fashion and beauty trends, I’m asked for advice with styling and model selection. Even if the models I’m working with are very experienced, I am also able direct them into achieving the look that best suits the product.

Model: Alex Hecker

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