Photographing Melbourne Style

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Photographing Melbourne Style

As a fashion photographer, you’d think that I just rock up and snap away at some beautifully made up and dressed up models! Easy gigs, right? Hey… we are in Melbourne! Melbourne Style! Yes, while most jobs are usually fun there’s still so much I have to deal with and get right when I’m shooting a campaign. Lighting is the most important aspect of any photography. Get the light right and the shots come easily.

Models usually know what they’re doing which makes getting the right poses easier. They know which angles are best for them in front of the camera. There will still be times where they will rely on me to direct them into the right pose. There’s always a certain way you want the images to turn out, so it’s up to me as the fashion photographer to steer everyone and everything in the right direction.

Melbourne Photo Shoots

Preparation is always required for any photography job, especially fashion photography jobs. It’s great to head out to a job with a clear vision of the types of images you’re wanting to achieve, rather than just winging it when you get there. My preparation included a trip to the location prior to the day of the shoot. Ideally, it’s a few days beforehand and at the same time of day that you would be conducting the photo shoot. This helps to familiarise me with the venue. It also helps me to determine how the light is going to behave at certain times during the day.  I will then decide if it is necessary to take along artificial light.

Melbourne Style Fashion Guide

For this particular shoot for Melbourne Racing Club and Ted Baker for Melbourne Racing Club’s Style Guide, I was also given a horse! How good was that! Since we were shooting at a racecourse, it’s only fitting that we incorporated a horse into the shoot. Fortunately for myself and my models, a real-life couple, the horse was a model horse. It was beautiful, well behaved and did as it was asked to. Although I was informed that the horse was fine with flashlight and reflectors, I refrained from using one, just in case it spooked the animal. The shots with the horse were carried out quickly as not to tire it out and we were really happy with the images.

Professional Fashion Photos in Melbourne

This fashion shoot was done at the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne in the middle of winter. We made sure the client had the images ready for spring. Luckily there was no rain in sight and the sun popped out for a short time.  This gives us a different look for some of the outfits. Some of this photo shoot was held inside in a darker space, requiring flashes and softboxes to be taken along. The softboxes are collapsable ones which means that they’re easier to carry around.

It’s always a tiring day, with only a few short breaks taken during wardrobe changes. For me, large breaks in the middle of my day are unnecessary as I’m all about completing the job as quickly and efficiently as I can. My assistant wasn’t available that day to carry my gear and change my lenses for me, so I found myself scrambling to get the job done. Smaller jobs such as this one are manageable on your own, but it’s always easier to have an assistant with you.

Fashion photography is a great area of photography to get into if you love fashion as I do. It’s a lot more than just shooting gorgeous models wearing beautiful clothes, it’s about bringing your client’s vision to life. You’re required to bring in your own creative ideas to achieve images which your client is impressed with. Get it right and you’ll have a great lasting relationship with your client as well as growing your client base. Most importantly, you’ll be producing some fantastic work which you’ll be proud to showcase.

Do you need photos for your fashion campaign … contact me. 

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