Camellia Beauty

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About This Project

Camellias are my favourite flowers, along with peonies, blossoms and sunflowers. Camellias come out in winter, blossoms are out in spring, peonies are out in early summer and sunflowers in the height of summer. That’s got me covered for quite a few months of the year! I’m going to endeavour to create beauty portraits with all of my favourite blooms!


Beauty shoots are gorgeous anyhow, but throw in some flowers and they become that much more special. With my model Kate, I used some camellias which were white with a pink fringe. They look like they’ve almost been dip-dyed around the edges! The leaves were left on as they look like bows.


Makeup was kept simple and hair was pulled up off the face in a large top bun. It’s a classic look, very Chanel-like. It’s a pity that Camellias don’t last too long after they’re picked, otherwise they’d be somewhere on me every day throughout winter!


Kate Mayberry

Hair and Makeup

Beauty Photography
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