Blossoming Beauty Photography

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About This Project

When the Spring flowers begin to bloom in Melbourne, I’m inspired by the colours. Actually, they start blossoming mid-winter which really picks me up and carries me through the dreary season. Time for some beauty photography! This winter, I decided that blossoms, and other blooms which were in season, should be captured in photos so that we can enjoy them all year long. It’s a little boring to display photos of flowers on their own, so they became accessories in a Spring Beauty photo shoot.

Beauty Photography & Make Up

Teaming up with a skilled makeup artist, Jacqui, we set out to create some makeup looks which screamed ‘Spring’. The blossoms in this shoot were originally red but the pink tones work better with our model’s look. They were the first to bloom out of all the blossoms and so were used for the inspiration of this look. With only the instruction to keep it oriental to compliment the flowers, I left the look entirely up to Jacqui – the results were stunning.

Shooting Close

Shooting close-ups is something I definitely enjoy doing. It’s putting the focus onto the face and challenging me to come up with creative ideas to present it in the best way. The skin and makeup has to be flawless. Flowers are one way of adding some flair to the overall scene.


Laura Rigon

Hair and Makeup

Beauty Photography
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