Magnificent Magnolias

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About This Project

Spring Beauty Photography

Hope you’ve been enjoying my Spring Beauty series. This is where I combine beauty with blooms which are brightening up the cold Winter and Spring days here in Melbourne. I’ve had some gorgeous models wearing some gorgeous makeup looks, accessorised with beautiful blooms. My makeup artist, Jacquelyn (Makeup By Jacquelyn) is just fabulous at her craft. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who you trust to continually come up with something beautiful.

The spring beauty photography shoot took a dark turn with a change of backdrop and some gloriously rich-coloured Magnolias. Purple tones are perfect for every season. Although it’s a darker tone, which you’d normally expect to be right for winter, it’s a gorgeous hue which would carry you into Spring and Summer.

The Magnolias, with their sculptural design, has always been a favourite bloom of mine. These blooms are one of the joys of the cold Melbourne Spring. I’m especially fond of the darker purple variety with their slender petals. These blooms were the inspiration for our beauty look. It’s nice to have them photographed and preserved to enjoy on the website.

A black background was chosen to highlight the richness of the purple Magnolias and the colours of the makeup look. We love the moodiness of the final images and hope that it inspires to you get adventurous with some darker colours this Spring and Summer. Be careful to select the right hues for your skin tone. It’s a great idea to visit a trained makeup artist to assist you in finding the right looks.



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