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Natural Light –> Studio Photography

When I first tested out studio portrait photography a short time ago, I spat the dummy and freaked out. My lovely neighbours had given me all this studio equipment which they had no use for. The results of my first shoot using this equipment did not turn out as it should have. Luckily for me, my wonderful husband ran off to the nearest camera lighting store and got me some new toys to play with. Thank goodness we invested in better gear, or I would have given up on the idea of studio photography altogether!

Perfect Studio Portraits

Our studio equipment now gives us all our lighting needs to create perfect portraits. There are some amazing portraits which have been taken in the studio of which I’m so proud of. Portraits are beautifully lit, whether I’m requiring a bright look or a more moody look. My favourite portraits so far have been achieved with a one light set-up.

Studio photography never gets dull, with endless styling possibilities. Couture gowns, a simple piece of tulle and a giant linen flower have been used to style some of my models. They have such different looks, all of which are stunning. There are always pieces of wardrobe on hand from my own collection to help me create the looks I’m after.

Simple Styling for Photography

This is one of my favourite studio shoots to date. Brodie was visiting Melbourne from Sydney and when we catch up, we do photos. This gorgeous young woman kindly obliged to doing a shoot which was a little bit more daring than what she was used to. Styling for this shoot was a simple dress jacket and a pair of denim shorts which I raided from my wardrobe. We had not been prepared with the wardrobe for this shoot, but it was always going to be simple. The model was the focus in this shoot.

With the help of a great hair and makeup artist, Brodie was transformed into a vixen. Big hair, smokey eyes and a loads of attitude made this photo shoot so much fun. These amazing images were exactly what we were after.

A dark backdrop was required for this shoot. With clever light placement, the usually white backdrop appears dark and moody. Only one large soft box was used, giving us a perfectly lit portrait with each click. Portraits shoots like this one makes me love my work!

If you’re wanting photos like this of yourself, drop me a line!



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