Vinnies Winter Campaign

couple at melbourne photoshoot

Vinnies Winter Campaign

If you’re after some vibrant street art for your next photo location, Northcote has a lot to offer. Nearly every street you enter has some form of art for you to admire. It’s such a relief that there’s a shift to street art gracing walls of buildings, rather than the usual graffiti. Some works of art are quite delightful and leave you in awe, while others leave you wondering what on earth was behind the artist’s inspiration? The perfect spot for our commercial fashion photography photoshoot for a advertising campaign.

Urban Fashion Photoshoot

We’ve ventured to this area previously, a few years back, but had not discovered a lot of the laneways. When St Vincent De Pauls Victoria approached us with their ‘urban grunge’ concept for their latest winter campaign, we knew that this area would be just perfect. We found a few great textures surround it and it was only a quick stroll to a nearby street which had some cool artwork sprawled all over it.

Commercial Campaign Photography

For this commercial shoot, we chose the beautiful model, Ellen, who we used for their summer campaign. This was Jake’s debut into the modelling world and we all thought he was just perfect for it! Modelling is something this guy should definitely pursue! He was just a natural at it and fitted the ‘grunge’ profile perfectly with his in-style beard. The Vinnies team did a great job of styling this shoot themselves.

Winter Look

The day was sunny, not exactly what we wanted for a wintery look and feel but there was plenty of shade to work in. The brick, metal and concrete exterior helped us to produce images with a wintery feel. Some photos were taken with the models in direct sunlight, as there are some beautiful sunny days in winter! The results were lovely. With the right editing, we reduced some the temperature to get the look we were after.

Models: Ellen Lockwood Spence, Jake Dowling
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